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Evolutionary Metaphors: UFOs, New Existentialism and The Future Paradigm (May 2019: 6th Books)

I sometimes feel I have neglected this blog since writing my book Evolutionary Metaphors last year, although some of its contents made it to this site in its early draft form (since removed).

Now, at the beginning of 2019, I feel like I can begin afresh and explore the evolution of consciousness further.

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I have also done a two-part interview with the excellent Greg Mofitt over at Legalise Freedom, which you can view here on YouTube:

Part 1
Part 2

The UFO, of course, is one such symbol for this evolution, very much as as the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung took it for in his book Flying Saucers. Although, at its heart, there is a genuine mystery that takes it beyond a mere symbol or metaphor, but as an inference of a deeper reality. Yet by merely attempting to tackle its trickster-like nature you find yourself in the sometimes disorientating hinterland between psychology and esotericism.

Nevertheless, it this hinterland that I feel most eager to explore further!

Today I wrote this sentence in my notebook:

“Evolution – or the gleaning of any new knowledge – tends to occur in moments of interjection, as it were, and these interjections into our existence are often the hallmarks of both humour and the synchronicity experience.”

This, I think, encapsulates my next project which is tentatively titled:

Converging Worlds: Towards an Occult Psychology’.

I will be uploading drafts to this blog which will work as a sort of ‘dry run’ for the book.

The reason why I write is to tease out ideas that seem to me urgently important. There is, of course, a certain obsessiveness that drives me, and I hope this is indeed as stimulating to the reader as much as it is to me.

Thank you for following this blog. There is more to come!

Happy 2019!

David Moore

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